Bandyman’s Land

Bandyman’s Land is Ellen Finlay’s latest work, created in collaboration with and performed by Ciara Lynch. Bandyman’s Land is a solo that explores of bodily autonomy through movement and text, and is fearlessly performed by the talented Ciara Lynch. It is inspired by the many Irish women who have pursed the right to ownership of their own bodies, and who are still doing so.   It was first premiered in its early stages at The Unapologetic Feminist Festival in London in December 2016. The work has since benefited from two weeks of residency space through the Brook Dance programme in Shawbrook, Ireland, under the mentorship of Marguerite Donlon and Anica Louw.  


Below is a trailer created by Anica Louw of the performance on Shawbrook Forest Stage. Many thanks to Shawbrook for their continued support.